Events/Annoucements For "Refuge Church Malin"




* Refuge Church Malin -- 2018 Missions Trip

- Dates: June 18, 2018 (Monday) - June 22, 2018 (Friday)

- We're excited to be able to bless and minister to our local communities during this "AWESOME!"  Missions Trip.   Please contact Pastor Rick Dickinson, for more information.


* Refuge Church Malin -- Friend's Day

- The First Sunday of Each Month.

- July Friend's Day will be on:  Sunday, July 1, 2018.

- Invite your friend's and family to hear an inspiring message from God's Word,

and then join us for an "AWESOME!!" potluck lunch, following the Morning



* 2018 Malin Combined VBB (Vacation Bible Blast)

- Next Meeting: June 26, 2018

- Time: Starting at 12noon

- VBB (Vacation Bible Blast - 'Cuz we're gonna have a "blast!") will be from:  July 9, 2018 (Monday) - July 13, 2018 (Friday)


 * Food Bank -- 2nd Wednesday Of Every Month

- Located at the Merrill Civic Center.

- Time: 9:00am-12noon.


 **-- WEEKLY EVENTS --**






- Men's Bible Study @ 9:30am.

- Faith Walkers @ 7:00pm.

-- Come and learn how to "put feet to your faith!!"



- Early Morning Men's Bible Study @ 5:00am.



- Campus Life for Junior Higher's @ 6:30pm.



- Bible Study at Vivian's House - 8am-10am.

- Young Adult Bible Study @ 7:00pm.



We are also affiliated with Refuge City Church (Formerly Named: Faith Tabernacle Assembly of God) in Klamath Falls and often join with them for their events.  Check out Refuge City Church's calendar here.


For more information on church events, please call the church office at: 541-723-3961.